Recycle & Connect ( R.C ) — Drop & Meet.
Meet, Date & Make New Friends with similar interest

To help make people’s personal lives simpler, richer and more gratifying.

What does RC do?

RC is a perfect place to get connected with the people you have similar interest, rather than the “appearances” like other many platform has.

Build a community based on collecting recycling items. Notice how much trashese that comes out daily, weekly, monthly by collecting a photo in the app.

With R.C, you’ll never have to worry about where and how to recycle. We will determine the product and find a perfect recycling bin for you. Users can “recyle trash + form a community” based on their interest.

R.C hosts a challenge, provides a private space for you to talk, or ‘just chill’ with like-minded people.

We quickly learn your type. You’ll only be introduced to the best people for you based on your activity and selection you make through the app.


Trashcan Mock-up

This app is designed for “Meaningful Connectivity.” We are connected to the trashcan in plenty of places around the city. We have a close connection with garbage collection company. By user’s taking photos of each of recycled items, individual’s acitivity will be recorded through the app. History from the app will define individuals preferences, then match it to the trashcan by the user’s choice of location. Moreover, user’s will have a chance to form a community.

While the app provides the each of one’s space to form a community by step by step, it can be continued in many different ways by each of one’s choices. Such as, starting conversation


We have located trashcan’s in countless places by having connection with the trash bin community. The users will be able to connected based on elements from individual interest.


Gen Z tend to be feeling more “loneliness” than the elderly.

“Gen Z are becoming young adults who are constantly shaping their own identities and individual traits.
Receiving information from DNA test results allows people to learn and discover a better sense of themselves.”


3 Brand Traits

1. Easy

We want you can easily get used to our services and help your daily life.

2. Exciting

Your recylcing experience will be most enjoyable with our services connecting both personalized matchmaking experience and advanced technology for finding your bin.

3. Friendly

We want to be a service that is closest to you and familiar with you.

How it works in real-life (Real life situation)

Design Exploration


Exploration of Trashes out in the street

Daily Trashes