Week 9: Nov 2, 2022 
Decided to work together with Long from Tom’s class.

A game box

which lets players physically control the joystick, sliders, buttons, and keys in p5.js sketch.

Idea by Long L.

Items needed

toggle switch

slide potentiometers

push buttons

keypads (numbers only)



choosing the materials: sliders, switches, buttons, joystick(s) and keypad. 
The physical interaction parts can be heavy?, made out of metal(brass, etc.) and durable.

Color theme

1) off-white + retro style colors if plastic is chosen.
2) hard wood & brass  prefer.

Top view


Sketch by Long L.

Trial slider potentiameter. 

Game 1 original sketch here
Original Sketch + Added Potentiameter code here

Question: I am getting value with the Potentiameter but the Potentiameter itself is not doing anything.  (speedX, speedY) 

Game 2 original Sketch here 

Game 3,4,5
in process

1. which slider potentiometers for the wood?

2. Keypad ?

3. joystick?

Materials in process

Box: hardwood / brass

Push ButtonToggle switch


Next week: Button & Potentiameter slider working (challenge code)

Thanksgiving: keyboard/ toggle switch/ batteries

After thanksgiving : prototype ( 2 weeks )

Last: LED Bar maybe