Week 5: Oct 12, 2022

Midterm process


Feedback from october 12

-Use one arduino(breadboard)
-Proximity sensor doesn’t know the direction. Only shows how far.
-Conclusion: Make ghost is looking away at first,  and then, as person turns to you, the led lights (ghost eye) turn on.

May be use Multi conductor wire with 4 wire. ( 2to ground, 2 to LED) : to make longer wire. Or just extend them with the wires.

Question :
I’ve tried to put everything in one Arduino/Breadboard. I’ve got the Buzz sound, LED to work, but whenever I attach servor motor, it is not working. I’ve attached two code(screenshot) version below. ︎︎︎

1) without servo motor in the code. It works! 

2) with Servo
The sound and the servor motor is not working. And the LED is not working properly. ( Everything seems bugging whenever I add servor code in..

FIrst, by using a light sensor, I wanted to ghost to turn left and right but I feel like it is not working quite well.. Sometimes it does work by the servo motor stops when I press the light sensor. However, many times, even pressing the light sensor the servo motor is not stopping. Both working & not working video attached below.

Materials: Servo Motor, Phototransistors and Arduino.

Question: Phototransistors are not quite working ( I’ve tried CdS photoresistors as well but I feel like it does the same thing.  Question2: Where should I mount the breadboard ?

Working | Not working videos

Second, I am using LED lights for the ghost eyes. If something is getting detected in the distance, it has a sound and the LED lights blink at the same time. Two LEDs blinking but one has a low power?

Question: Is there a way to make both of the LEDs in higher volt? How to mount the LED/ sensor to the ghost..Do I extend the led light wire?

One LED blinking with speaker/ buzz  

Question: How to mount the servor motor to the ghost? Maybe attach the cardboard in the bottom of the ghost? (Video below)


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