Kinetic Collages V1

Kinetic Collages V2

“ To show california’s charm by using Hockney’s color theme ”

Inspriation comes from when I was traveling this summer2021, which was the travel I had in 3 years.

I was strongly attracked by Califonia and Las Vegas’s weather and a freewheeling lifestyle that was very different from my New York life.

Work Process
I integrated the photos I took from the trip. Such as, beaches, museum architech inself, artwork from the musuem, golf course places.

While I was lookig at the california photos, it reminded me of the artwork from David Hockney. I was also inspired by how his art work covers vibrant colors that is responsive with the drawing he is putting in. 

Each elements expresses myself of being trapped into one place and at the same time the freewheeling feelings that I felt while I was traveling.

Mix Media : 30inch X 20inch 

Photography, Collage, Coding, Printmaking

Arduino, Cables, Breadboard, 9 Volt Battery, Gear, Servor Motor, Print, Form Board 

Front View 

Detailed Shots

Process Photos